Airpods Pro VS SoundLiberty 53 - 这是您最佳选择?

Airpods Pro have launched, but there’s still no such thing as Airpods Pro in black. Don’t worry – we have an amazing suggestion! Read on to learn more about Airpods Pro vs SoundLiberty 53, TaoTronicsTrue Wireless耳塞。

在iPhone 11最近推出后,Apple已经以Airpods Pro的形式产生了另一个MEME。这些耳塞具有全新的形状,这些耳塞被认为是苹果首先在2016年首次带出的传统Airpods的升级。

The new design has been compared to Bellsprouts, but it is more than a Pokemon in your ears. These headphones are revolutionary for Apple because they move away from their traditional design to feature noise cancelling technology.

At TaoTronics, we understand noise cancelling tech. It’s kind of our thing – we have an incredibleSoundSurge range甚至具有混合噪声消除技术的特征。我们也有一个惊人的看起来的一双黑色耳塞,它将竞争对手Airpods Prothat are only available in white.

In this blog, we’re going to look at what is actually so new about the Airpods Pro, and compare your options if you’re really looking for Airpods Pro in black.

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What’s Different About Airpods Pro?

SoundLiberty 53 – A Great Alternative

Airpods Pro vs SoundLiberty 53 – What’s the Difference?

Airpods Pro vs SoundLiberty 53 – are they Airpods Pro in Black?

What’s Different About Airpods Pro?

Here’s a quick run down of all the features that have been upgraded or included in the new Airpods Pro design:


Apple aren’t totally breaking the mould here – you aren’t going to find Airpods Pro in black.

However, their new look is definitely a step away from the classic designs seen in Airpods and Airpods 2. Some may love this new design, which will help block out noise by default. Others will want to stick with what they know, or find something new; that’s where you’ll want to check out our Airpods Pro vs SoundLiberty 53below


Previously, Airpods haven’t been waterproof. This means that they’re open to damage if you’re wearing them in the rain or exercising with them. And, lets face it, the design doesn’t lend itself to feeling secure when using them for more than a gentle stroll.

耳塞现在是IPX4防水。这意味着它受到防水的影响 - 不要小心把它们放在水坑里,或者你可能是一个破碎的一对!

New Noise Cancelling Tech

Beyond the design of their earbud, which as in-ear blocks out noise more effectively than Airpods or Airpods 2, Apple have included active noise cancelling technology in Airpods Pro. We’ve gone into more detail into exactly how that works before, but it’s a fairly common feature of headphones that Apple are late to the game in including.

More Advanced Touch Controls

Whereas before you could only double-tap your earbuds to do basic tasks like launching Siri and skipping the track, you can do a whole host of different things on the new Airpods Pro. One of these is a press-and-hold, which allows you to switch between transparancy mode and active noise cancellation.


其中一个新功能是将无线充电盒与Airpods Pro列入其中。

A New Price

With all this technology there comes a pretty steep hike in price. Airpods 2 are currently retailing at $159, with the Airpods Pro coming in at $249. That’s an even bigger difference compared to SoundLiberty 53, which retail at just under $45.

SoundLiberty 53 – A Great Alternative

airpods pro in black

我们为Soundliberty 53感到骄傲。这两个微小的耳塞及其口袋大小的案例包装了一个Hefty Punch。

真正的关键特性包括一个难以置信的40个小时of total playtime with the charging case. To get this, you only need a 2.5hr recharge. They’ll also play for up to 5 hours on a single charge, so you don’t have to worry if you’re a daily user.

Check out the basic specs if you don’t believe us:

Bluetooth Version 5.0
Connecting Range 33ft
Charging Case Battery Capacity 650mAh
Recharge Time 2.5hrs
Total Playtime 40hrs
Dimensions 3.2in X 1.5in X 1in

Airpods Pro vs SoundLiberty 53 – What’s the Difference?

airpods pro in black

There are a few key differences to note when considering Airpods Pro vs SoundLiberty 53. We’ve split them up into the things that are important to consider:


At its most basic, theSoundLiberty 53provides you with a new aesthetic option: choose between black or green. As we’ve looked at, you can’t get the Airpods Pro in black, and it’s not looking like Apple will be bringing out a pair in this color scheme any time soon.


SoundLiberty 53offer you up to 40 hours of playtime with the charging case, an unprecidented step into week-long charging. This is with an amazing 5 hours of playtime from a single charge. Airpods Pro, meanwhile, offer 4.5 hours with ANC on (3.5 hours of talk time), with up to 24 hours of playtime with the case.

Water Resistance

If you’re buying earbuds, the chances are that you want something stable that you can use throughout the day. To transition from your commute to the gym, you need a pair of earbuds that will last the journey. This is where SoundLiberty 53 comes in.

Airpods previously had no water resistance, so for the Pro’s Apple have included IPX 4 (you can read in detail about what that means这里). Essentially, this translates to basic water and sweat proofing, so if your earbuds get splashed it shouldn’t affect the inner workings.

SoundLiberty 53, however, have IPX7 resistance to sweat and water. This higher-level resistance makes them better for wearing outdoors and whilst exercising, offering a greater level of protection to your buds.

So when it comes to the waterproofing competition in Airpods Pro vs SoundLiberty 53, the SoundLiberty are winning hands down.

Touch Controls

airpods pro vs soundliberty 53

One aspect of the Airpods Pro vs SoundLiberty 53 debate that you might be interested in is the touch controls available. There are two ways these differentiate:

SoundLiberty 53 employ Smart Touch Control to give you an amazing amount of independence. You can:

  • Answer, hang up and reject calls
  • 完全控制您的音乐音量和轨道选择
  • Turn voice controls on and off at the touch of a button

Airpods Pro have their own list of taps thanks to their ‘Force Control’. This includes:

  • Answering phone calls
  • 按两次跳到前进,三次跳过
  • Press and hold to switch between Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency mode

Noise Isolation/Cancellation

Speaking of noise cancellation, we should probably talk about the difference between the two models.

In our SoundLiberty 53 earbuds, we were aware that commuters and people in the gym might want to block out unnecessary distractions whilst still being aware of the background noise. This is why we made our earbudsnoise isolating。他们提供了远离日常生活的喧嚣,使您的音乐声音清晰明确,同时您仍然意识到外面的世界。

在Airpods Pro中,Apple已决定包括主动噪声消除。这是一个很棒的功能,一个是我们惊人的过耳耳机SoundSurge range。You should check out SoundSurge 46 – they even have Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation!

We won’t bore you with the details here – you can read aboutANC here– but it is something to consider whether the technology is worth an extra $200, or whether you’re really looking for noise isolation.

AirPods Pro SoundLiberty 53
Price $249 $ 44.99
Charging case included? Yes Yes
播放时间 4.5 hours/24 hours with case 5 hours/40 hours with case
IPX Rating IPX 4. IPX 7.
Case Size 1.78 x 2.39 x 0.85 inches 3.2 x 1.5 x 1英寸
Bluetooth 5.0 5.0
Sound Adaptive EQ 6mm Dynamic Drivers
噪音消除 Active Noise Cancelling Noise Isolation
Control Force Sensor Control Smart Touch Control
Color White Black, Green

Airpods Pro vs SoundLiberty 53 – are they Airpods Pro in Black?

Good question!

The simple, honest answer is no. If you’re looking for an Apple product to complete your set, and you’re willing to splash out on the extra $200 involved, then by all means Airpods Pro are the right product for you. Why are you even on this page?!

But if you’re hesitant about spending that much money on a pair of headphones with a pretty limited shelf life – and that much money on a pair of headphones you can lose fairly easily – then it’s definitely worth looking elsewhere.

We’re suggestingSoundLiberty 53because aesthetically, they’re similar to Airpods, and audio wise they sound great! They’re also cheaper, more waterproof, have a longer playtime with a similarly pocket sized case and have a wide range of touch controls. What’s more, they’re designed to comfortably fit in your ear while providing noise isolation so you get some of the benefits you’re looking for from ANC.

The decision is yours! Feel free to message us if you have any questions, read our SoundLiberty 53 review round upfor more info, or just查看我们的网站!


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